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Wonder, wisdom & water



Wonder, wisdom & water



More about our Pistachios

Our SENQU RIVER PISTACHIO orchards have been rooted in the waters of the mighty Orange River for the last 23 years. Every tree in our orchard has been manually selected, occulated and cared for to provide our customers with the best in quality pistachios.

WERCON boasts its own factory (and formidable team) who process our SENQU RIVER PISTACHIOS right here on the farm. 

From the tree to the shelf, our three-woman packaging team keep their hands over the entire process to make sure that every nut is selected to add value to our final product. With the help of top experts (and a lot or trial and error when we started out twenty years ago) our secret drying and baking process is now a refined art. Our customers can attest that SENQU RIVER pistachios stay fresher for longer and taste better than any other on the shelf. 

SENQU RIVER PISTACHIOS are now available to order in two variations: (from 150g to a ton) 

Roasted and salted (unpeeled to enjoy as a snack)

Natural kernels (supplied to chefs and cooks to bake and cook with)

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