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Wonder, wisdom & water

Wonder, wisdom & water

Wonder, wisdom & water

Wonder, wisdom & water

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WERCON Family Farm, Prieska, South Africa, Since 1993.

On the Northern bank of the great Orange River – where rock, grass and a vein of miracle water meet, you will find the De Hoek & Spitzkop farms. This is the heartbeat of Wercon Family Farms. Here, just outside Prieska in the Northern Cape, is where owners Connie & Rina Coetzee have made their home. A stone’s throw down the riverbank is where their son Conrad and his wife Esmari have built their house and dreams on Kephale Farm. If you were to take the long grey highway down to the Western Cape, and turn left at Voor Paardeberg you would find De Veluwe Werf Farm. Here daugther Anria and her husband Steffan Boshoff practise a smaller scale but intensive way of farming with a guest cottage and blooming almond orchard.

The love that the Coetzee family has for the soil, plants, animals and water is reflected in every aspect of their farming. Connie Coetzee Senior, who is in charge of the farm, started out as a young potato farmer in the early nineties. Later, onions, onion seeds and sugar beans were added. Today, thirty years later, Connie Coetzee is known as a leading crop farmer in the greater district of Prieska. On De Hoek & Spitzkop farms, conservation practices and the intelligent use of technology are the foundations upon which the Coetzee family farms. A balance between a biological and chemical approach must be maintained at all times.

WERCON Family-Farm

Senqu River Pistachios 

CNC Boerbok Stud

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Meet the Families

Every member of the Coetzee family has one hand on the hart and the other hand in the soil.

Connie & Rina Coetzee


Owners of Wercon Family Farms
CNC Boerbok stud 1318 (since 2009)
White dorper herd
Senqu River pistachios
Crop rotation farming: mielies (corn), lucerne, wheat


Owners of Kephale FarmCrop rotation farming: lucerne, wheat, sugar beans
Winning-harvest farmer: Irrigated mielies (corn)
Organic pumpkins

Anria & Steffan Boshoff

Owners of De Veluwe Werf Farm
Smaller scale farming of almonds, boegoe, vines
De Veluwewerf Guest House (on the farm)

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t: +27 82 948 2355 (Connie Coetzee)
t: +27 82 948 2354 (Rina Coetzee)

e: wercon@mweb.co.za

Spitzkop/De Hoek, Prieska
Northern Cape, South Africa 8940